Responsive design

Created multiple responsive websites

About the project

Some of the companies I've created a responsive design for are: Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI), and Plasma Matters BV. ISI is the first and the only human rights NGO dedicated to working on statelessness at the global level. Plasma Matters develops a plasma simulation software called PLASIMO.

The problem

Both websites didn't clearly communicate who they were and what kind of work they did. The websites weren't mobile friendly and they had a lot of content, but not a good way of displaying it on the website.


Create a responsive website which is clear on the mission and what the company does.

My role

  • Setting up requirements
  • Wireframes
  • Visual design
  • Build the website (for Plasma Matters)

Visual design - ISI

ISI wanted a modern design and had fonts they wanted to use. Those were the only requirements regarding the design.

I wanted to have a nice headline which would clearly communicate that a stateless person is somebody without a nationality, to make it more clear what statelessness is.

The ‘donate’ button immediately communicates that they are an organization working with grants.

Design for ISI

Visual design - Plasma Matters

Plasma Matters wanted a professional website and had a structure for the main menu ready.

The top part should immediately communicate what PLASIMO is and that you have to request access to use it.

Design for the PLASIMO website, the software of Plasma Matters


They were very happy with the result. The conference ISI held was a success and they can now easily update the website because of the templates and the CMS. Plasma Matters can't wait to show their website at conferences and clients to make their service more clear.

What I've learned

  • Setting up requirements.
  • Creating responsive design.
  • Creating logo design.

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