Gamehouse Original Stories app

About the project

GameHouse Original Stories has multiple games in the app stores. The catalog app makes it easy for players to stay up to date and get more background information about the games. The company’s target audience is women, so they wanted to have a branding that is more attractive to women.

The problem

The rebranding project was necessary and needed to be done globally across all products. That also means of course that the catalog app had to change its looks.


Update the design according to the new branding guidelines with keeping the current metrics in place (DAU, installs, downloads of other games, etc).

My role

  • Visual design
  • Style guide
  • Sketch library

Visual design

The circles and dots were part of the global rebranding guide, as well as the new logo of course. With those assets I created a new design for the app. All colors and shapes used in the UI are derived from the branding guide.

New branding for GameHouse Original Stories

I made a lot of iterations for the stories page and game page, where I experimented mostly with the colors. The previous version of the app had a lot of UI colors; every game series had a different color. In the redesign I wanted to keep it simple, make sure users understand what is tappable and calm it down regarding the color range.

Examples of the final design

Style guide & Sketch library

There were high-level guides for the new branding, however, I created a style guide for the app to make sure other designers working on the app would have a clear overview of the elements and could easily work with the library created in Sketch.

Style guide in Sketch


The metrics (DAU, installs, downloads of the games) didn’t change after the redesign. We did have positive reviews about the new look & feel from our users.

What I've learned

  • How to create a design with high level branding guidelines
  • Working with Sketch
  • Create a style guide and make sure more designers can easily work on the project with a Sketch library.

Next project

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