About me

From developer to UX/UI designer


I’m Sarah from Eindhoven (Netherlands), living with my boyfriend and our two beautiful sons. I love UX, psychology and I'm fascinated about how people experience digital media. I also enjoy playing basketball, baking cookies/cakes, playing games and hanging out with friends.

I’m an experienced UX/UI designer with a heart for the user. With the business goals in mind, everything I create has to be the best experience for the users. I started as a frontend developer with a passion for UX and now using that technical knowledge to design optimal solutions for everyone.

Work experience

UX/UI designer & developer Plasma matters bv · jan 2020 - mar 2020

Project of two months to redesign and build a responsive website for PLASIMO, design and build a responsive website for Plasma Matters BV, and to create a new logo for PLASIMO.

responsive website logo design wireframes visual design php Bootstrap Sketch

UX/UI designer GameHouse original stories · jan 2017 - jan 2020

UX/UI lead in an agile team working on the GameHouse Original Stories app; a portal app to experience all games in the appstores. Setting up the app from scratch, thinking about possible features, creating wireframes and prototypes to support those ideas. Discuss with the team, product owner and stakeholders what the new feature or improvement should be. When everybody agrees on the next new feature I create the visual design.

Responsible for the customer journey of a subscriber. From first time visitor to loyal subscriber.

Besides creating designs I also coached a junior UX designer.

I was part of the user testing team where we talked with the users about the products to see where we can improve. Sometimes in person, sometimes in a video call.

user experience user testing user interviews customer journey wireframes prototypes interaction design agile/scrum ab-testing data driven Axure RP Sketch Adobe XD Photoshop Principle

UX designer Gamehouse · aug 2014 - jan 2017

Creating wireframes and interaction designs to enhance the usability of the websites. Working in an agile team, together with developers, designer and copywriter to create the best experience for our users.

user experience user testing user interviews wireframes prototypes interaction design agile/scrum ab-testing data driven Axure RP

Lead Frontend developer Zylom · apr 2012 - aug 2014

Leading the frontend team, checking specifications, create plannings, responsible for the update process.

planning process priorities manager 1 on 1 coaching stakeholder management

(Technical) Frontend developer Zylom · aug 2008 - apr 2012

Creating html/css/javascript/java for Zylom.com and partner sites.

html css javascript java mysql


These are some of the comments my colleagues wrote about me.

"Her technical background allows her to create UX designs that not only offer a great user experience but also allow for an easy implementation by the development team. Her communication skills are excellent and one of her key strengths is to always remain calm even under pressure."

Niels Koek Product Owner

"Her biggest strength is to translate the most complex projects into something that really makes sense for the user. As a UX/UI designer it is great to work with Sarah because she will always ask the right question which makes you rethink/improve your work."

Luc Kersbergen UX/UI designer

"Not only does she bring a lot of UX/UI wisdom and experience, this comes in a package with a responsible, caring and cooperative personality. With her awareness of user preferences and behavior, she's also very capable of zooming out and helping in creating an overview of the project and determining priorities. In any team in which I've worked with her, she proved to be a very valuable team member, an asset in structuring our project, and most importantly as a great representative of our users."

Auke Peeters scrum master / agile coach

"She is capable of delivering a concise user experience that helped users to reach their goals with minimal effort. Sarah is very easy to talk to and also she won't hesitant in giving her praise whilst also very open minded for critics."

Ellya Aisyah frontend developer